The Yanadis Tribe

The Yanadis

The Yanadis are a group of people in southern India, of low caste. They are a shy people, not able to read and write, unused to mixing with others and have lived a life of poverty and hardship for generations.

Our support for the Yanadis was initiated by a friend, Barry Watson, who bought some land and built the initial reed huts. He is known as King Bazza and the village is named after him as Barrypuram.

Men work as day labourers and fishermen, and women and children do domestic work such as cleaning and washing. In the summer months when it is extremely hot they tend mango groves. They have been living in huts with palm leaf roofs which are not waterproof.

The Elizabeth-Ann charity is working hard to break the cycle of poverty and change lives for the better.

A piece of land has been bought for the Yanadi community and there is a project, with some government help, to build houses for all the families. You can see a video here of houses being built. Twenty houses have been completed with plans for 7 more. A school room and small church have also been constructed.