The Elderly, Disabled & Widows

Your Donations Go A Long Way

A Monthly Allowance

Your support enables us to provide monthly allowances:

  • £5 to an elderly and disabled person
  • 50p from each allowance goes towards Sunday lunch.

£1 might not seem much, but it's important to someone's life
£1 buys breakfast for a month.

A Monthly Social Meeting
In addition, we hold a monthly social meeting with lunch at The Elizabeth-Ann Home,

New Dining Room
We've built a new dining room at the home which seats 70.

30p Covers The Cost Of A Daily Meal
Currently, we provide 17 of the most vulnerable villagers with a daily meal at a cost of 30p a day.

Julie’s second visit in 2005 enabled her to observe the conditions being experienced by some of the elderly and disabled people. Initially the charity provided assistance to 20 needy people. The numbers have now been increased to 57. The elderly receive £5 per month and the disabled £3.50 – 50p of each person’s allowance is used by the Church to provide a ‘Sunday’ lunch. Additionally they have a monthly lunch-time social meeting in The Elizabeth-Ann Home with meat on the menu.
At Christmas time we provide blankets/new outfits @ £5 for the 17 most needy.
It is humbling that £1 can be so important in someone’s life. When asked how they spent the money, most of them indicated that they used it to purchase their daily breakfast.

Vinay and Benedicta have a great heart to assist the very needy elderly we now provide a weekday meal for the 20 most needy villagers who although living with their children, are not able to feed themselves whilst their children are out working  - cost about 30p per day.

In 2010 we heard that some elderly from adjacent villages were coming to ask for help from Pastor Mary and Vinay. We are providing £70 per month being allocated at Mary & Vinay's discretion

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