Elizabeth-Ann Home

Elizabeth-Ann homeThe main work of the Charity is focused on supporting children in The Elizabeth-Ann Home within the village. Children, aged 8 to 14, are selected on their educational potential with the hope they will go to college. (Though recently we have taken on a few for whom homelife had become too difficult.) They are provided with all their needs, they live in disciplined surroundings, attend local schools, have supervised and assisted tuition mornings and evenings. Benedicta (know as Mumsi), Vinay's wife, runs the Home and is assisted by a teacher who helps with homework and also there are two cooks.
The Children's day starts at 5.30am - homework - breakfast then off to school. Back mid-afternoon, tea, homework, supper and bed around 9pm. Every other Saturday they spend with their parents.
It is lovely that Elizabeth-Ann's birthday and death anniversary are remembered with prayers and celebrations - a time for the children to put on a show!
We have been enabled to increase the accommodation 37 children by the provision of bunk beds. This has pushed the space and cooking/eating facilities such that we have had to build a new toilet block. We also opened a new Dining Room and kitchen.
The dining room with its solar lighting also acts as a village hall, a place of safety in case of floods and home-work room during the frequent power cuts.
When the children complete their Grade X classes (15 = 'O' level) and move to Colleges, their routines are no longer compatible with E-A Home routines so they have to return to their own homes. In most cases we will consider sponsorship by providing £100 or £250 per year to their parents to help with college costs - see sponsorship section.
We have several who are now embarking on university degrees.
Beacuse of new Government regulations the 15 boys sleep in the home and the 22 girls sleep in their family homes.