First published on: 14th April 2020

Can you help us support the villagers of BURLAVARIPALEM through their lock-down period in Andhra Pradesh, India?

We feed and provide educational support to families with children, and the elderly and disabled.

The wage earners are mostly daily field labourers who earn upto £3 per day, when they can get seasonal work.

Locked-down, unable to work, and given £10 per household by the Government, for a month.

£5 will help them for one week, £10 for two weeks.

We continue to provide meals for the elderly and disabled of the village, and for the Yanadi tribe, 25 families who live on charity provided land and housing - a great improvement on their previous existence, living on rubbish tips.

We have today (April 2020) sent the village £1,000 funding from Charity emergency reserves to relieve immediate concerns, particularly for food, and your help will enable us to continue support for as long as it is needed. Please see the Cause for Celebration page too for how this has made a difference.

On behalf of the villagers, thank you.