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  • Our Mission

    We are a UK charity committed to the alleviation of poverty and achieving lasting change for the children, families and villagers of Burlavaripalem, South India.UK Charity No 1113374


  • Pandemic Focus

    Due to the pandemic, most of our villagers and surrounding villages have lost their jobs. We have had to step-up our support, and are now feeding 350 families, around 1200 extra mouths to feed. £10 will feed a family for one month. Please can you help with a donation so that we can continue this vital support for these needy families.

    We continue to fund our existing support of needy children, the disabled, elderly widows and widowers from our loyal base of supporters, but our reserves are now feeling the strain as we respond to this unforeseen pandemic emergency.

    Please see our Covid 19 Appeal page for more detail of how the charity has been supporting the village of Burlavaripalem.

    Venella and her family

    Please consider a donation of any amount to help Vennela, her family and the starving villagers of Burlavaripalem; they desperately need your help in these strange times.

    A bank transfer is our preferred option: Lloyds bank, Sort Code: 30-98-75 Acc No: 03418208 or send a cheque to:
    The Elizabeth-Ann Charity
    c/o Whitehaven,
    Leigh Road,
    BA15 2RQ

    or contact Julie to set up a standing order.

    Elizabeth-Ann Charity Newsletter – Spring 2020

    Elizabeth-AnnDear Friends,
    We are recently back from our annual visit to India. All plans went well and we were privileged to spend a week in Burlavaripalem village, Andhra Pradesh and a couple of days with our Golden Bell School friends 200 miles south in Chittoor. Thank you so much to all you, our many supporters and Utility Warehouse customers who enable Vinay and Benedicta (our Project Director and his wife) to do the wonderful work there helping the very poor villagers and we give them enormous thanks for their continuing and tireless work and dedication to The E-A Charity. Elizabeth-Ann is so happy, I feel sure, at the wonderful transformation in these poor people's lives.
    On our arrival in the village of Burlavaripalem we were greeted first by Rinko the dog furiously wagging his tail and then were amazed to see 60 children waiting to welcome us on apron of Mary’s Church and were sprinkled with flower petals and then all the children plus 2 teachers sang us a song. What a fantastic welcome!

    Vennela & Vimal
    Vennela & Vimal

    Exciting new developments since last year are that several children from across the road in the Hindu Burlavaripalem are now coming over to the Christian Burlavaripalem village side to study every day and also came along to the Seaside Day etc.
    One major factor that has been evolving is that the local government now require Boys and Girls to keep in separate areas when eating and doing their homework. Consequently, we now accommodate 15 boys in the Elizabeth-Ann Home – Whereas the 22 girls now return every night to their family homes. Still 37 children altogether, being supported with food, clothing and help with their studies both morning and evening. The girls are a great help to their families now, as when they return home late in the evening they help their parents with the chores, such as washing up, sweeping and even cooking. Many of the parents are daily labourers who work all day picking chillies and come home very tired.

    Elizabeth Ann Home Children   
    We are now taking in more girls than boys as they tend to study better on the whole and Julie met 7 new girls Buela Gracy (known as Honey), Blessy, Keerthi, Harika, Siri valley, Keerthana, and Jyothsna. Julie interviewed all the children and took photos of them. For the future Vinay would very much like to build a shelter near the church where the girls can eat and do their homework when Mary has Church Services and also when it rains. (This will cost approximately £2,500).

    Water Plant: The new water plant was installed in the first week of February 2019 and continues to work well and provides clean drinking water free to our children and the local school – other villagers can buy this water for 4 rupees for 20 litres to save them having to purchase water in the town of Chirala nearby. The water output is regularly tested.

    Sewing Ladies
    Sewing Ladies

    Sewing Ladies: We met with 29 young girls who have a lovely smiley Muslim lady teacher who has been giving them sewing lessons every day. We had a delicious lunch meal with the girls and they showed us their work. They now have 11 sewing machines which they share and need a special table large enough to cut up their material on (£100) and each of them need some material to make clothes with. Thank you SO much to so many kind supporters helping these girls, they are very grateful and very happy.

    We had one lovely day at the seaside – day temperature around 25°C and very little rain! The Seaside Day is very much looked forward to all year by all the children and they love to lie in the water fully clothed and have fun splashing each other and laughing. The children work SO hard all the time; it is great to see them having this treat. We have a picnic on the beach with tamarind rice with little nuts in it and hard boiled eggs followed by an ice cream for everyone coated with chocolate and nuts, delicious! 98 children and grownups went on this trip in 2 white buses and it was a lot of fun for everyone. We were so happy that both Vinay and Benedicta’s children came with us. They are Cynthia and her husband John and also their son Keerthan who took photos. They had travelled some distance to be with us and help their parents.

    Elderly Pensions
    Elderly Pensions

    We had semi-formal meetings with the Elderly – when they received their monthly pensions, now £3.50 a month. Julie would like to increase this to £5 a month as she has found out that £3.50 is not enough for a proper breakfast, as the money in India has gone up. Many elderly people are so frail and vulnerable and try to survive on just 1 meal a day which is simply not enough for them. Also, Julie saw Yesuprema the very sad lady that she met last year whose husband and son had died and didn’t have enough rice to live on and was delighted to see that she now looks like a different person smiling and happy and enjoying fellowship with the other ladies in the group. We now support 51 Elderly people.

    ATTENTION KIND DONORS WHO DO THE “ 166 PROJECT ” (the scheme which is £1 a month). This project started in 2007 and was to raise money for the children in the Elizabeth-Ann Home. Thank you all SO much for doing this, it is an enormous help and we are so grateful to you. We wondered if you could kindly consider supporting the Elderly too with £1 (by upping your amount to £2 a month if possible.) The children and the elderly are the 2 chief projects we do. This would be fantastic, so we can support all these very vulnerable dear elderly ones with a proper breakfast each day.

    We witnessed the monthly visit by Doctor Prasad the local nurse was there too who supplies prescribed medicines. He saw about 50 people in quick succession in about 3 hours. We met with the micro-finance (savings) group and saw about 20 ladies, several of whom wanted to borrow money to help pay the fees for their children to attend English Medium Schools. We also met with the E-A Home Governors.

    Julie with Padma & Mariamma
    Julie with
    Padma & Mariamma

    We visited the Yanadi Village of Barrypuram and were given coconuts to drink and did some singing and we looked inside 3 of the new houses built there including Padma's, a lady of great character. Gypsy Tribal people and were originally living in horrible shacks, some very low to the ground and now have a beautiful village with lovely houses with 7 more to be built. Vinay is there a lot supervising the building and goes over every Sunday to take a Service in the little Church there. Many of the Yanadis are now Christians. The people are very grateful for all that has been done for them by Barry Watson, the E-A Charity, the Government and all Vinay's hard work.

    The first student, who passed out of our Elizabeth-Ann Home and now to continue his Master of Business Management in  
    Karunya University, is doing well. We are so grateful for the support from Sarah Kenyo's mother-in-law's Nancy Kenyon Charitable Trust which is helping Pavan.  

    Vinay told Julia that The Elizabeth-Ann Charity is now helping a large number of poor families and we thank you all so much.



    We visited  Golden Bells School.  Not  a school  day  so  no uniforms! We were given a marvellous welcome and given many, about 100, beautiful  hand-made welcome cards that they had created. Once a month volunteers attend a cooking class so lots of goodies to taste!  Julie now has the cards up on display on the door at “Whitehaven”. The school got an amazing result 100% in 10th grade Government Public Exams recently. Vidya (the Principal) works alongside the children even doing the exams herself. She has such faith and trust in God it is wonderful to see. Golden Bells is truly a very special school and we thank all the kind people who help support Golden Bells.